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Welcome to Pictures Of Ireland! The purpose of this website is to showcase the beauty of Ireland through photography and to also help those who want to understand a bit more about digital photography.

Wall art prints of the famous rope bridge at Carrickarede, the Giants Causeway, Titanic Belfast and Ballintoy, along with pictures of other Irish scenery, are available to buy through my online store.  All profits will be donated to Adoption UK, a registered charity in the UK

I hope you enjoy my pictures.

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Not just another snapshot! Landscape Photography Composition Rules

Green Rocks Pier Beach Sky Pictures Irish Landscape
Hollywood Beach, County Down, Northern Ireland

Mobile camera technology continues to grow rapidly giving everyone the opportunity to capture pictures. So what’s the big deal about landscape photography? Is it just another snapshot? Read this article if you want to understand the guidelines used by every landscape photographer.

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Test driving the Olympus 70-300mm lens on the E-M5

Tiger Dublin Zoo Pictures Of Ireland
Tiger at Dublin Zoo

So what do you do with your children when they’re off school and the weather looks decent? Go to the park or go to the zoo and get a chance to play with my new lens? Well, I’m glad to say that my kids love animals and the choice was not hard to make but this time we decided to go to Dublin Zoo. I haven’t been at Dublin Zoo since I was a child myself and I have this really strange memory of being able to feed an apple to an elephant. Well I wasn’t able to do that this time but one thing hasn’t changed and that’s being much closer to the animals than in most places. That’s a good start for any photographer but I then was able to bring out my secret weapon … the Olympus 70-300mm zoom lens.

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Photobox Gallery for my pictures of ireland

Sunset Strangford Lough Pictures Of Ireland
Sunset at Mount Stewart Gardens in Newtownards, Northern Ireland

This image was captured outside Mount Stewart Gardens in Northern Ireland. I have to say I love the colours that my Olympus E-M5 mirrorless camera has produced here. This was a beautiful sunset and every time I look at this picture it just reminds me of that moment.

Unfortunately with mobile camera technology,social media and tablet computing we are printing less photographs as Wall Art Prints to decorate our homes. I have to say there’s something special about a piece of art. So for this reason I have decided to sell my Irish Landscape prints on a Photobox Gallery at reasonable rates. I’ve also decided to donate all profit to charity as photography is a hobby for me and that’s the way I want it to remain.

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HMS Caroline In Waiting

HMS Caroline Jutland 1916
HMS Caroline, the lone survivor of the 1916 Battle of Jutland

I decided to take some photographs around Belfast Lough one evening with a fellow photographer. My friend suggested that we should take a look at HMS Caroline before it got refitted for the centenary celebration of the 1916 Battle of Jutland. I’m glad I took that advice but getting these photos was not easy due to the location of the ship.

If you’re like me then you’ll need a history lesson. HMS CAROLINE was a ship of a class of six light cruisers built by Cammell Laird in time for the outbreak of the Great War. Launched and commissioned in 1914 she joined the Grand Fleet at Scapa Flow. In 1916 she was engaged in the Battle of Jutland.

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The Power Of Water

Tullydermot Falls | Irish Landscape | Pictures Of Ireland
Tullydermot Falls, Swanlinbar, Ireland

This Irish landscape photograph was taken at Tullydermot Falls in Swanlinbar, County Cavan. It took a few wrong turns to find the Falls but eventually we found them up the road heading towards the mountains. The Falls occur in the upper reaches of the Claddagh River, which is a tributary off the river Erne which flows through Belturbet town. The falls and rapids are caused by the action of the water upon the underlying bedrock which consists of both sandstone and softer limestone shale which is constantly being eroded. This erosion causes the water to turn brown.

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